Biological Control of Invasive Plants

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Date(s) - 04/17/2017
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Calvin College Bunker Interpretive Center



Dr. Doug Landis, Professor of Entomology, Michigan State University


Doug Landis

Bio – Dr. Landis holds a BA from Goshen College and received his MS and PhD from North Carolina State University. 
“I am interested in the application of ecological theory to problems of importance in entomology and natural resource management. Together with my students, I attempt to understand the influence of landscape structure on insect ecology and management, particularly in regard to biological control of insects and weeds. I hope to use these insights to aid in the design of sustainable landscapes that promote arthropod-mediated ecosystem services such as pollination and pest suppression. I am also interested in invasive species ecology and management, and more recently in the conservation and restoration of rare species and communities.”  
—from staff profile, Michigan State University



Program Description

Garlic Mustard Photo: Chris Evans, River to River CWMA,

April is the month we’ve been longing for all winter. The spring ephemerals are out, but will they be overrun by alien invaders like garlic

mustard? Come learn what the latest research is on insects and other biological agents controlling the spread of invasives. Dr. Landis has personally worked on projects involving garlic mustard, spotted knapweed and purple loosestrife—three of our most dreaded aliens.

 Page banner photo: Daniel Herms, The Ohio State University,


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