Cultivating our Schoolyards as Habitats to Grow Scholars Who Will Become Stewards

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Date(s) - Mon May 17, 2021
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Cultivating our Schoolyards as Habitats to Grow Scholars Who Will Become Stewards

Presented by Sally Triant, Grow Wise Learning

Children today are spending less time outdoors than ever before; while at the same time our diminishing wild spaces are calling to be protected and preserved. How can our young citizens be inspired to care for something they do not have a relationship with? The solution to creating the next generation of stewards may be hidden in plain sight in every schoolyard in our community. By developing schoolyard habitats and inviting them into the curriculum, educators can reconnect their classrooms to the natural world while allowing the local environment to serve as the foundation for meaningful learning. Additionally, schoolyards offer incredible opportunities for the community to work together to aid in the restoration of vital wildlife habitat while at the same time encouraging the next generation of environmentalists. This program aims to inform you of work being done to support local learning in our community and to encourage you to look to our schoolyards as wild spaces full of growth potential!

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Sally Triant and her students


Sally Triant, environmental education consultant, founded Grow Wise Learning in 2014 to develop a seasonal curriculum for all ages and to serve as a resource within the community. Her education and experience span the Fine Arts and the Sciences bound by the common thread of teaching. With a certification in K–8 education with an emphasis on the sciences, and a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, her passion to teach about the outdoors led her to place-based education. Her goal is to help individuals, educators, children, and especially families find their way back to the natural world; while in turn discovering more about themselves and their local environment by developing a keen seasonal awareness. She has learned that from the cultivated field, to the urban watershed, to the wilds of the forest, and everywhere in between—there is wonder, inspiration, fellowship, and especially wisdom to be found in the natural world.


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