Purple Clematis (Clematis occidentalis)

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An unusual native vine with soft purple flowers.

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Purple Clematis Clematis occidentalis

Light: Full Sun

Moisture: Medium, Medium-Dry

Soil: Cool, limy, humus-rich

Height: 6 ft

Bloom Season: May, June, July

Bloom Color: Purple

Notes: Soft purple flowers on a climbing vine with trifoliate leaves. Flowers are single in leaf axils, 1½ to 2½ inches long with 4 petal-like sepals. The large flowers tend to be more numerous in sunny locations. The plants stems lack tendrils; the leaf stalks wind around surrounding vegetation and structures for support. The species is found in rocky forests and thickets, on stream banks, and in cleared areas. It occurs in drier, upland, open habitat than Clematis Virginiana. 

Photos: University of Michigan Herbarium, R. Sprague

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