KDL Seed Library

“Seed Library” at Kent District Library (KDL)

Do you have extra native seeds to share? The Kent District Library staff is very excited to accept native seeds from Wild OnesRiver City Chapter (WORC) members to make available to their patrons through their seed exchange. If you have extra seeds that you are willing to share, you can drop seeds off at any Kent District Library location (but not at Grand Rapids library locations).

The seed should be within an enclosed container (bag, envelope, etc.), labeled with name of species (common name and scientific), and limited planting instructions (wet/dry soil type, sun/shade). You can include brief germination instructions such as “stratification required.”

Provide your name and contact info in case library staff have questions for you. Please state that you are a member of WORC. Library staff will repackage the seeds in their own packets and put the planting info in a catalog for patrons to consult.

Download a PDF with a list of native species that are considered easy to germinate and a form that you can fill out to use with your seed.

Questions? WORC Contact Joyce Tuharsky [email protected]
Library contact: Corey Archambault (616) 784-2007, [email protected]