Invasive Species

Invasive species are “a species that is non-native to the ecosystem under consideration and whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.” Non-native species are those that did not occur in Michigan’s ecological communities prior to widespread European settlement.

Sources for information about Michigan invasive species:

Go Beyond Beauty

Kent Conservation District Invasive Species Strike Team Invasive Species

Michigan Invasive Species Coalition

Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN)

West Michigan Conservation Network (WMCN)

Downloadable PDFs:

Kent Conservation District
Invasive Bittersweet brochure pdf

Michigan State University A Field Identification Guide to Invasive Plants in Michigan’s Natural Communities PDF

West Michigan Conservation Network Invasive Species door hangers

How Invasive and Exotic Shrubs Affect Breeding Birds 2012-article-from-Birding-magazine.pdf

Learn about Garlic Mustard and 10 more invasive species in West Michigan by reviewing this comprehensive brochure issued by the West Michigan Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA):