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Michigan-Native-Plant-Vendor-list-4-26-2020 pdf

2021 Wild Ones River City Programs list pdf


Follow the links below to find out more about your favorite native Michigan plants and related topics and also a list of Michigan native vendors. Some are downloadable PDFs.

Benefits of Native Plants


Getting Started with Native Plants

Wild Ones Native Garden Design Booklet

How Invasive and Exotic Shrubs Affect Breeding Birds 2012-article-from-Birding-magazine.pdf


WORC Chapter’s Recommended Resources
An in-depth book list compiled by the WORC Chapter Education Committee that includes:

• a description of each book
• beginner or advanced level
• number of copies at Grand Rapids Public Library
• number of copies at Kent District Library
• download site/comments


Botanical Quest: Documenting Michigan’s Rare Native Flora Through Photography
Presented by Craig Elston, Naturalist and Photographer

Feb 2021 Program References


Birds, Insects, Native Plants and Much More!
Presented by Martha MacCleery, Wild Ones River City Education Chair

Helpful online links to support the Birds, Insects, and Native Plants Webinar


Green Infrastructure 101
Presented by Kelly Goward, Environmental Program Manager, Macatawa Area Coordinating Council

Green Infrastructure 101 powerpoint slides pdf


Rain Garden at Parkside Elementary School in Rockford, MI
Presented by Jamie Vaughan, Trout Unlimited


Ever Wondered Where the Rain Goes?


Wild Ones Presents Natures Best Hope
Presented by Doug Tallamy



Plants for Part Sun-Full Sun

Plants for Shade-Part Sun

Native Shrubs and Trees for Backyard Biodiversity

50 Plant Species Common to southern Lower Michigan (a starting point)

To read or download articles about specific species click here.


Aman Park
Aman Park Images photo presentation of Spring ephemerals in the park

Guided Tour of Aman Park by William Martinus, botanist

Natural Features Inventory of Aman Park

History of Aman Park
by Kayne Ferrier, WORC Program Committee and retired librarian,
Grand Rapids Public Library

Hudsonville Nature Center
Hudsonville Nature Center Virtual Spring Ephemeral Hikes
videos by Craig Elston, Naturalist, Hudsonville Nature Center

Michigan Spring Woodland Wildflowers



Audubon Native Plant Finder (enter zip code to do a search of native plants in your area and the birds attracted to them)

National Wildlife Federation Native Plant Finder (BETA) (enter zip code to do a search of native plants and the butterflies attracted to them based on the research of Dr. Doug Tallamy)


Prairie Seedling and Seeding Evaluation Guide

Central Region Seedling ID guide for Native Prairie Plants


Ten Steps to Successful Wildflower Planting

Could you please tell me what native plants I can plant on the drain field?- MSU Extension

How to tastefully prairie a small garden bed.


Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard

NATIVARS (cultivars of natives)

Nativars-Statement from National Wild Ones

Wild Ones Journal Best of 2017 Yogurts Lessons on Nativars

How Effective are Nativars? video with Doug Tallamy



Attracting Beneficial Insects with Native Flowering Plants

Plant Fact Sheets also with Attractiveness to Insects


The Mystery of Milkweed Pollination by Dana Visalli






“Seed Library” at Kent District Library

Do you have extra native seeds to share? The Kent District Library staff is very excited to accept native seeds from Wild OnesRiver City Chapter (WORC) members to make available to their patrons through their seed exchange. If you have extra seeds that you are willing to share, you can drop seeds off at any Kent District Library location (but not at Grand Rapids library locations).

The seed should be within an enclosed container (bag, envelope, etc.), labeled with name of species (common name and scientific), and limited planting instructions (wet/dry soil type, sun/shade). You can include brief germination instructions such as “stratification required.”

Provide your name and contact info in case library staff have questions for you. Please state that you are a member of WORC. Library staff will repackage the seeds in their own packets and put the planting info in a catalog for patrons to consult.

Download a PDF with a list of native species that are considered easy to germinate and a form that you can fill out to use with your seed.

Questions? WORC Contact Joyce Tuharsky [email protected]
Library contact: Julia Hawkins (616) 784-2016 ext. 2096, [email protected].