Garden Walkabouts

Wild Ones River City is seeking hosts for “Walkabouts” — informal tours of gardens and landscapes managed by members. 

  • Walkabouts last about two hours, with guests coming and going.
  • Hosts select the day and time.
  • Walkabouts will be held rain or shine.
  • Walkabout dates will be announced via our regular email communications.

NOTE: This is not a garden “inspection.” (We all deal with weeds!) If you choose to offer refreshments (not required or expected) keep it very simple.

If you are interested in hosting a Walkabout, email Marti MacArthur at [email protected].


Photos from the August 2019 Walkabout at the Palmer residence in Belmont.










Photos from the July 2018 Walkabout at the Lange residence in Grand Rapids.


Photos from Walkabout at Clear Bottom Lake.









Photos from the August 2017 Walkabout at the Dandridge residence in Rockford.





Photos from the July 2017 Walkabout at the Oldenburg residence in Belmont.