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Native Bees, Birds and Butterflies Need Your Help

River City Wild Ones will show you how

Add native plants to your gardens and help heal the earth.  Even small changes can make a difference. Your native plantings will provide food, shelter and habitat for birds and insects. You can also remove harmful invasive plants, reduce lawn size and use natural care instead of harmful chemicals. It’s easier than you think. You can do it, and River City Wild Ones can help you!

You will love using native plants in your garden!

Michigan’s beautiful native plants, shrubs and trees have lived here for thousands of years. They are your heritage. Do you know them?

You may have heard that butterflies and pollinators are in trouble. They need your help. Your native plants provide everything wildlife, native butterflies and insects need to thrive.

Native plants are easy care and gorgeous. Adding some natives to your garden is a healing choice, for the earth and for you.

Exciting and Fun Opportunities for you!