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Green Stormwater Infrastructure 101 and Raingarden Installation Online Program

This event has ended
Monday, June 15th, 2020
to (Eastern Time)

Due to COVID 19 concerns, our June program will be presented online. Speakers Kelly Goward and Jamie Vaughn have kindly agreed to record their presentations as an online videos. Available on Wild Ones River City YouTube Channel  on June 15. 

Green Stormwater Infrastructure 101:
How Your Yard Can Benefit the Greater Watershed Community

Presented by Kelly Goward, Environmental Program Manager, Macatawa Area Coordinating Council

The water cycle is one of the most basic functions that support life, yet humans have done so much to alter it, and not in a good way. We will explore the ways that humans have altered the water cycle, and how this has impacted the environment. We will learn how green stormwater infrastructure can be used to mitigate and in some cases reverse that impact. We will also discuss the role that native plants play in green stormwater infrastructure.

Kelly Goward holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Grand Valley State University and a Master of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from Ball State University. Kelly has been the Macatawa Watershed Project Manager at the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council since August 2012. There she works with local stakeholders to improve the water quality of Lake Macatawa through public education, improved stormwater management and implementing best management practices. Kelly previously worked for the Ottawa and Allegan Conservation Districts for 8 years assisting landowners with forest and wildlife management, critical dunes issues, water quality, using native plants, and controlling invasive species.

Rain Garden Installation
Presented by Jamie Vaughn, Trout Unlimited

Jamie will present a short video about the beautiful rain garden installation at Parkside Elementary School in Rockford. Trout Unlimited is "devoted to the conservation, protection and restoration of Michigan's coldwater fish and their watersheds." Jamie also will give an overview about what Trout Unlimited does in Michigan.

Animated video about Green Infrastructure:

Ever wondered where the rain goes? Sustainable drainage animation

CIRI's susdrain project has launched an exciting new animation on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) that provides an engaging and digestible overview of SuDS. The short animation called "Ever wondered where the rain goes?" demonstrates how changes to the natural water cycle caused by development can be positively managed, and, how SuDS turns ...


We hope to reschedule in the Fall.


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