Community Starts in Your Own Back Yard

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Our October meeting was held at Roselle Park Resource Center in Ada. It was the first time we had used this facility. Ada Park’s director, Mark Fitzpatrick, was there to greet us and give us an overview of this beautiful venue with its green roof and reclaimed barn siding. Late Spring our own RCWO members provided the design and manpower for the native plant landscaping around the building.

Steve Keto engaging with a member.

The meeting was then turned over to our speaker, Steve Keto, Natural Areas and Preserves Manager at Western Michigan University. Steve enthusiastically drove home the “Power of Community”, providing details of how our actions have repercussions for all living things. For example, when the nursery industry modifies a native species to create a cultivar with a beautiful new color or feature, they may unwittingly alter the plant in ways that make it inaccessible to insects and pollinators who depend on that plant for their livelihood. Maybe the flower is now too deep for the hummingbird to reach the nectar. Or perhaps the color is no longer recognizable. Steve left us all with a lot to think about regarding the importance of community.

Our RCWO President, Meribeth Bolt, used this opportunity of community to introduce the new team structure for our chapter. Seven teams or committees were formed to help share the work necessary to accomplish our chapter goals. She then invited everyone to enjoy some cider, apple strudel, and other goodies and to sign up for one of these teams. If you missed the sign-ups and would like to help out, please contact us. 

A beautiful night lighting on the new Roselle Park Resource Center.
A beautiful moonlit night at the new Roselle Park Resource Center.