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Is it a Beetle or a Bee?

IS IT A BEETLE OR A BEE? By Amy Heilman, WORC Garden Co-Chair Have you ever been fooled by an insect’s appearance, assuming it was one thing and then learning it was something entirely different? This happened to me one day when I heard a buzzing sound near a compost pile in my garden. As […] Continue reading "Is it a Beetle or a Bee?"

February 2020 Program Recap

PROGRAM RECAP • FEBRUARY 17, 2020 Compiled by Diane Phelps Saving the Bees One Garden(er) at a time Presented by Dr. Rufus Isaacs, Professor of Entomology and Extension Specialist, MSU Dr. Isaacs’ work is mainly in fruit crops from Barry County to Traverse City in Michigan. He studies the economic impact on fruit crops as the result of declining honey […] Continue reading "February 2020 Program Recap"