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February 2020 Program Recap

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PROGRAM RECAP • FEBRUARY 17, 2020 Compiled by Diane Phelps Saving the Bees One Garden(er) at a time Presented by Dr. Rufus Isaacs, Professor of Entomology and Extension Specialist, MSU Dr. Isaacs’ work is mainly in fruit crops from Barry County to Traverse City in Michigan. He studies the economic impact on fruit crops as the result of declining honey… Read more »

Life in the Garden with Native Plants

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Life in the Garden with Native Plants BY MARTI MACARTHUR, WORC VICE PRESIDENT Published in the Sept-Oct edition of Eastown Access How is your garden growing this year? Are you seeing a variety of bees and butterflies coming to your flowers and lingering as they seek the nectar and pollen they need for their survival? Are you… Read more »

Pollinator Health Meetings to be Held

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Are you interested in supporting pollinator health in Michigan? Local Michigan State University Extension educators are partnering with MSU researchers to create three Pollinator Health Meetings this spring to discuss projects MSU and the opportunities in your area for supporting pollinators. This is part of a three-year, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-funded project that aims… Read more »