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Natives to Know: Inland Sea-oats

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NATIVES TO KNOW Inland Sea-oats, Chasmanthium latifolium Compiled by Joyce Tuharsky If you want to add native grasses to your garden, you may think you need a prairie setting with full sun. Not so with Inland sea-oats! This charming native grass thrives in partial to full shade. Chasmanthium latifolium has several common names including Inland… Read more »

February 2021 Program Recap

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  FEBRUARY PROGRAM RECAP by Rebecca Marquardt, Programs Committee Member Botanical Quest: Documenting Michigan’s Rare Native Flora Through Photography Presented by Craig Elston 2/15/2021 Craig Elston has been an inquisitive naturalist his whole life, as is often the case with those who leave a legacy in natural history. Craig’s gift to the world is botanical… Read more »

Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: Hey Bud

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Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche Hey Bud By Ranger Steve Mueller 2/21/21 Winter tree and shrub buds have distinctive character. They are recognizable by features like being fat, short, tall, scaly, fuzzy or with varied color. Twigs bear terminal and lateral buds. Often winter buds are larger or swollen indicating they are flower buds instead of… Read more »