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Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: Witch-Hazel’s Trick

Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: Witch-Hazel’s Trick Submitted December 2021By Ranger Steve Mueller (8/13/1950 – 6/16/2022) Editor’s Note: This is the last of the articles we have by Ranger Steve Mueller. He was such considerate person, that he submitted articles for the entire year of 2022—even as his health was failing fast. Rest in peace Ranger Steve, you […] Continue reading "Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: Witch-Hazel’s Trick"

Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: Asters

RANGER STEVE’S NATURE NICHE Astersby Ranger Steve Mueller (8/13/1950 – 6/16/2022) Wonderous, extravagant, elegant, gorgeous, attractive, dazzling, splendid, magnificent, enjoyable, and pleasant are beauty expressions captivating our attention for the New England and Frost Asters. Many asters populate the countryside but these two dominate the season. The deep purple ray flowers of New England Asters with […] Continue reading "Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: Asters"

Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: 76 Natural Communities

RANGER STEVE’S NATURE NICHE 76 Natural Communitiesby Ranger Steve Mueller Seventy-six trombones led the big parade is a tune from the musical The Music Man. Hopefully, Michigan’s 76 natural communities within the Great Lakes ecosystem are even more popular. They are essential to the survival of specialized life forms adapted to unique habitats and for […] Continue reading "Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: 76 Natural Communities"

Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: Helicopters

RANGER STEVE’S NATURE NICHE Helicoptersby Ranger Steve Mueller Flying about our yards are tens of thousands of silent helicopters. Our grandson, Walden, was visiting as we walked among the whirling maple seed samaras. Karen said we used to call them “helicopters”. I jokingly asked, what do you call them now? Most of us have experienced […] Continue reading "Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: Helicopters"

Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: Vision for the Future

Vision for the Futureby Ranger Steve Mueller An exciting year waits for aiding plant and animal nature niches. Every year is a new beginning with hopes for keeping New Year’s resolutions, but most are not kept. Our nature niche can be to enhance living conditions for yourselves and others with whom we share “creation care.” […] Continue reading "Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche: Vision for the Future"