Soil Amendments - Beyond Compost

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Monday, September 16th, 2019
to (Eastern Time)

Presented by Tom Wilkinson, Author

How can we plant smarter and become better global citizens with compost? Author Tom Wilkinson will share ways you can reduce food waste, and improve the building blocks of your garden through the many benefits of vermicomposting, and applying the ancient but newly discovered soil amendment called biochar.

Starting with a concern that too much organic material was carelessly heading for landfills, Tom began separating his household waste and composting the organic material. The next step was to improve his compost by introducing redworms and designing a satisfactory vermicomposting system. He sold the vermicompost at the local Farmers Market and wrote his first book, Beyond Compost. He met a producer of biochar and began blending a product called “BioPreta”. In 2013 Wilkinson wrote a 2nd edition called Beyond Compost, +: Converting Organic Waste Beyond Compost Using Worms ... PLUS and expanded the marketing program. He was pleasantly surprised as customers returned with reports of remarkable results and has continued to study this process to better understand why this ancient blend produces such good results.

The program is FREE and open to all.

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